In Australia, a cyclist uses a GPS tracker to draw the cover of Nevermind on a map to celebrate the album's anniversary

To do this, he drove 150 kilometers.

Photo from Instagram by Peter Stokes

The 45-year-old Australian cyclist Peter Stokes, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of the album Nevermind by the group Nirvana, drew the cover of the album on a map of the city of Adelaide using a GPS tracker, writes The Guardian.

To depict the outline of the boy’s body, Stokes rode about 150 kilometers on a single-speed bike. He spent about eight hours on this.

When this album came out, I was in high school – I was about 14 years old, and it was at this time that a love for music was formed.

Peter Stokes

The image is displayed on the Strava athlete tracking service.

Nirvana is slated to reissue it to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nevermind . The group is going to use the image of a naked boy, despite a lawsuit from Spencer Elden, whose childhood photo was featured on the cover. The man considers the picture to be the sexual exploitation of children. He demands at least 150 thousand dollars in compensation from each person involved in the claim.

In Japan, the airport detained a plane crash, a painted turtle, because the turtle on the runway strip

In total, five flights were postponed there.

The runway at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport was closed for 12 minutes after a turtle crawled onto the asphalt, NHK reported .

Five flights were delayed for up to 15 minutes. Among them was a flight by All Nippon Airways (ANA), whose plane is painted like a turtle – the Airbus A380 flies only to Hawaii and back to Japan.

The flight attendant told NHK that the passengers and crew of the plane were so amazed at the coincidence that they were in good spirits despite the delayed departure.

In Hawaii, sea turtles bring good luck, and we hope this turtle, who has come to see flights, bodes well for the future.

All Nippon Airways statement

The turtle was dark green in color, about 30 centimeters long and weighing about 2 kilograms. Airport officials assume she crawled out of a pond on the territory of Narita.

NYT: Facebook promoted in the film positive news about the most currently

The company hopes this will help improve its image.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed an initiative called Project Amplify in August. The goal of the project is to promote posts with a positive agenda about the company’s activities in the social network feed. The newspaper The New York Times writes about this, citing sources.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, Facebook began testing the priority delivery of positive news in three US cities. Such posts are displayed with the logo of the social network. The feed promotes both local media news and messages from the company itself. Facebook hopes the initiative will help improve the company’s image.

The newspaper notes that the “Strengthening Project” was created in January: then the leaders of Facebook discussed the idea of ​​more actively responding to publications in the press criticizing the activities of the social network. She was accused of spreading fakes, misinformation, inciting hatred on the platform and violating user privacy.

The company felt that apologizing after the scandals did not help, but only attracted unnecessary attention. As a result, Facebook decided to change its strategy, NYT notes.

Singapore training center apologized for the action with clowns - they stood at elementary schools and called children to follow them

On social media, the campaign with the promoters in suits was considered creepy, parents who did not understand anything complained to the police, and the authorities called the idea dangerous.

Clown Man South China Morning Post

In Singapore, parents of schoolchildren complained to the police about unknown persons in clown costumes and make-up who stood at educational institutions and approached the children. Writes about this South China Morning Post.

Parents shared photos of a man wearing a plaid shirt and clown makeup outside a school. Administration of the Tao Nan educational institution said police warned them about clowns who “walk around elementary schools and ask students to follow them.” They also wrote on social networks that children were offered money so that they would follow the unknown.

It was later revealed that the clowns were an advertising campaign for the Speech Academy Asia training center to enroll children in their classes. Its representatives apologized on Facebook to the parents of schoolchildren for the fact that their employee in a clown costume stood at the entrance to educational institutions. According to them, no one threatened the children and offered no money. Speech Academy Asia clarified that similar actions have already been held in shopping centers, and this time they decided to change the location.

In a post on Facebook, Speaker of the Singapore Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin called the clown idea “nonsense.” “It’s not funny and just dangerous. Whoever does it, I consider the idea nonsense and urge to stop it, ”he wrote.

After numerous complaints and angry comments, the director of the Speech Academy Asia training center, Kelvin Tan, turned to the parents of the students. He apologized to them and added that he “immediately stopped the promo campaign with the clowns.”

EU to introduce a single charger plug bill for smartphones and tablets

The adoption of the project will have the greatest impact on Apple, which equips devices with its own connector.

On September 23, the European Commission will present a bill that obliges manufacturers to install the same charging port on all mobile phones, tablets and headphones. This is reported by Reuters, citing sources.

The EU believes that the solution will be safer for the environment and more user-friendly. They also offer to sell chargers separately from gadgets.

The agency notes that the innovation will affect Apple the most: it is installing its own Lightning connector when most other manufacturers equip their devices with USB micro-B or USB-C. Apple opposes the EU initiative. The company believes that it slows down innovation, creates a lot of e-waste and will annoy consumers.

The EU has been trying to introduce a single charger connector since 2009. Then there were more than 30 varieties on the market, the BBC notes . In connection with the Alliance initiative, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia signed a memorandum mandating the use of microUSB in phones manufactured after 2011. However, taking advantage of the inaccuracies in the wording of the document, Apple limited itself only to the release of an adapter from Lightning to microUSB.

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